Sugar Joy Custom Cookies

Beautiful Cookies. Better Taste.

Custom created sugar and flavored cookies for your next event.
Order for the designs, come back for the flavor! 




2 color max (outside of white) - No logos/characters. Beauty in simplicity.

Life of the Party


Up to 4 colors with moderately detailed custom design. Basic logos included. No characters.



Intricate design and customization. Characters and logos included - hand painting for realistic details.

Edible Photo Cookies

$2.00/cookie (on TOP of base price!)

Price is per cookie in addition to base price. 

IE - if you order 1 dozen Life of the Party cookies and request 3 photo cookies, it will be ($48.00 + 6.00). 

Send your own image and let me turn it into a cookie work of art! Will work directly with you to determine size  and cropping of image to ensure satisfaction of the order. 

These images are printed with an edible printer and 100% edible ink on frosting sheets. This printer is used ONLY for edible images. It has never nor will it ever print non-edible printers.

Available Flavors

Product Subtitle

Our cookies are baked until JUST done, so that they won't break your teeth when you bite into them! Each flavor has been carefully created and consumer approved. 

All cookies come with a vanilla icing to enhance the flavor of the cookie. 

Traditional Sugar - Vanilla bean base with a hint of almond

Birthday Cake - Confetti cake batter base

Berry Lemonade - Strawberry lemon base with real mixed berries

Blueberry Lemon - Blueberry lemon base with real blueberries 

Dark Chocolate - Dark chocolate cocoa infused base

Chocolate Chip - Traditional mini chocolate chip base

Gingerbread (seasonal) - Dark molasses base

Pumpkin Pie - Real pumpkin base


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